Why Choose Us

Because we are a team dedicated to optimized intelligence, to using advanced technology and integrated online marketing strategies to make things better, smarter, and simpler for you. We are online marketing experts and thought leaders with the experience, knowledge and creativity to leverage the mobile web – “today’s biggest growth opportunity,” according to Bloomberg Businessweek (December 5 – 11, 2011) – to mobilize your company for the future.

At Trighton we believe in harnessing the power of emerging technologies and integrated online marketing strategies to create new business and new wealth for our clients. Today’s consumers expect convenient, easy access to information and services, and we help our clients meet their expectations with integrated online marketing strategies that attract, engage and convert potential consumers into customers.

Trighton’s experienced online marketing professionals make mobile/online marketing smarter, simpler, and better for clients by taking an integrated approach that blends the best of emerging technologies with more traditional online marketing strategies, such search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and local listing management. Our team collaborates with clients to develop an online marketing strategy specific to your business, your business community, and new consumers.

We not only support our clients with easy-to-understand web analytics and results, we challenge our clients to lead in innovative mobile web marketing and integrated online marketing strategies. We support our clients in being prepared for the explosive growth in mobile commerce with mobile-optimized web sites designed for today’s generation of smartphone users (According to Google, 50% of American adults will own a smartphone by the end of 2011!). We introduce our clients to emerging consumer trends and encourage them to break out of old marketing models to attract and engage today’s smartphone and tablet users with new, relevant mobile advertising campaigns. We empower our clients to mobilize their businesses, to connect with their communities and potential consumers, and to meet and exceed their business objectives with emerging technologies and the most advanced internet marketing strategies available.


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